Loyalty To Authors & Actors

I have a slight confession to make. When I pick a film or a TV show to watch or a book to read, it’s not always based of the plot. Yes, I have to be slightly intrigued or excited about the concept but that isn’t one of the big selling points. It’s who has written the book or who stars in the production. I feel that my loyalty to authors is more rational and easier to understand so lets start with that.

Some books are a must buy for me as soon as they come out. Some I might have had my eye on for a while or some might have me gripped by the plot. But some may just happen to be written by a certain author. One point might be I’m loyal to them because they are genuinely good authors and I know that I am going to enjoy the experience of reading their book. However, I might not have loved every single book they’ve ever written but yet I still feel compelled to buy their works. This feeling is stronger for young authors; I liked one of their books so I feel compelled to help them along their way in the literary world. I might not even have read all of their books. They might have the same name as me. They might be British. We’re all very judgemental human beings and we judge people. Sometimes our judgements work in people’s favour.

One of my biggest loyalty-buy authors is Mary Hooper, who is particularly well known for her historical fiction books. One of my favourite books of all time, At The Sign Of The Sugared Plum, happens to be a book that she has written. And from that, I feel compelled to help this woman along who produced one of my favourite books ever. It might be that I know that she writes amazing books that I really enjoy to read but I also feel a certain amount of loyalty to her. I will read, if not buy, all of her historical fiction books that she writes.

My second point is a little harder to explain and maybe something that only I feel, but I’ll try and explain to you anyway. It’s when I hear about a film or a TV show that includes an actor that I feel a loyalty to. I might know absolutely nothing about the plot or the genre; it might be something completely out of my comfort zone. But if it contains one my favourite people, I will watch it regardless. I fell compelled to try and watch everything that they are in, even if I have very little interest in the plot. I also make much of an effort to stick with programmes that my favourite actors are in. I enjoy their work so much, I feel that if they were bothered to star in the production then it must be worth my time to watch it.

Most of this selective group of people consist of people whose roles I’ve really enjoyed. For example, Sybil in Downton Abbey was my favourite character in the entire show, and that instantly made me feel loyal to Jessica Brown Findlay. I only watched the BBC’s adaptation of Jamaica Inn and the film A New York Winter’s Tale because she was staring in them and although neither were what I would usually take my time to watch, I made double the effort to watch them in their entirety because I trust Jessica Brown Findlay.

Another reason why I feel loyal towards actors is often how they are as human beings. If I have seen them on a TV show being interviewed and they have seen like genuinely nice people with a personality and a sense of humour, I tend to take more of a interest in them. And then if I enjoy the films or TV shows that they are in, they instantly become one of the actors I’m loyal towards. A good example of this is Gemma Arterton and Luke Evans.

I have always liked Gemma Arterton and when I saw her on a chat show and saw that she was a really nice human being with a great humour and felt like a very real person, I felt even more compelled to watch all of her movies. Even if they weren’t what I would usually watch.

I’d always liked Luke Evans and especially when he played the role of the sensitive, witty and very attractive Aramis in the Three Musketeers. But when I saw him on another chat show and I saw that he seemed like a really nice person to be around, I felt even more compelled to watch all his movies and TV shows.

Please let me know if you share some of my points and I’d love to hear some of your views on these topics 😉


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