Broadchurch Season Two | First Thoughts

Contains mild spoilers for Season one and episode one

Season Two of Broadchurch is more than half way through and like the first season, it is as gripping and hard-hitting as ever. I was slightly worried when starting this series because I didn’t know where the series was going to go now that Joe had confessed to killing Danny Latimer, but I was intrigued all the same. The first scene shows DI Alec Hardy receiving a medical letter and the cogs starting whirring in your mind, trying to decide what is wrong with him and what he could possibly need a operation for. Then it cuts to Ellie being particularly tough on a old man on his way to the hospital, who was caught speeding. Her character is nothing like it was in Season one, which is understandable considering her husband ‘murdered’ Danny Latimer.

Despite the murder apparently being solved, there is still a air of mystery and intrigue surrounding all of the characters. You know that there has to be more to the story otherwise they wouldn’t have bothered making a second series. We get a glimpse at some old familiar faces, but also some new ones who even in the first episode, have already added another dynamic to the series in the form of: Claire, a woman who Alec is protecting; sharp-tonged defendant Sharon and mysterious recluse Jocelyn. I loved seeing all the old characters because I think they are all so developed but there is still so much room to explore with them. I love Beth Latimer even if she can be a bit blunt and stubborn at times. She just wants justice for her son and I love her passion and drive. Olly, Ellie’s nephew, is your typical young adult: cheeky, flirty but at the same time he is eager and enthusiastic and I love his relationship with his boss Maggie. And we can’t not talk about Alec and Ellie who are the heroes of his show. They are hilarious together and I love their dysfunctional relationship together. They act like a old married couple yet are able to be professional when the situation calls for it. I really can’t wait to see where they go later in the series and I am going to be on board for all of it.

The first episode is action packed and a great start for the new series. It picks up from almost where we left of, with Joe standing trial for the murder of Danny. But he shockingly and suddenly pleads guilty. The town want nothing more than to move on but with Sharon defending him and her first act being having Danny’s body exhumed, you know that things aren’t going to settle quietly. I love the suspense and mystery with this series and when you think that things have finally settled down, something happens which instantly snaps your interest back. All of the characters seem so mysterious and you never really know everything about them. I’m really happy to see that we are uncovering more about Alec’s past and from the looks of things, there is a lot to discover. I can’t wait to see where this new plot will go and I am definitely looking forward to it all.

I cannot wait for all of this series to be out, so then I can marathon them all in one go. I love the characters and the mystery and the plot and if this series is anything like the first then things are going to kick of pretty quickly.


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