Top 5 Characters In Books That I’d Bring Back To Life

Obviously, the people in this list are people who have died in books, so there will be spoilers for The Hunger Games, Divergent and Harry Potter

This list won’t be in any sort of order because I’d like all of them to be brought back from the dead 🙂

1) Finnick Odair from The Hunger Games

I know that everyone is in love with Finnick because he is the hottest guy on the planet, but I’m not doing this for me, I’m doing it for Annie. Annie Cresta might be my favourite character in all of The Hunger Games and she deserves a little happiness in her life with what the Capitol did to her. She deserves to live happily with the love of her of life and her newborn son. I also really want her son to grow up with a father and for them to ride of into the sunset together. I have to give Annie kudos for still staying strong even when Finnick dies.

2) Primrose Everdeen from The Hunger Games

I think this one is a given. And not just so Katniss would be happier, because sometimes Katniss annoys me a little. I think that Prim is a great character and can stand on her own. She is kind and patient and driven and is a really good little medic. She copes with a hell of a lot of stuff in her life and manages to adapt very quickly when the world as she knows it falls apart. I think she is a really strong character and deserves to be alive given all the stupid stuff that the Capitol made her go through.

3) Beatrice Prior from Divergent

I’ll admit that I almost cried at the end of Allegiant and I am not a book crier. I just couldn’t believe it. All the development that Tris goes through in the books had made her into a strong, independent character and I really relate to her. I know that she died saving the day and without her death she wouldn’t have saved the day, but still…they could have found a Plan B. I also feel sorry for Four because he deserves to spend his life with someone he loves after all the stuff he has had to cope with. Although if Tris hadn’t died, then we wouldn’t have had that amazing scene at the end of Allegiant with Four scattering Tris’s ashes.

4) Sirius Black from Harry Potter

Favourite character from Harry Potter arise! I adore Sirius as a character and he is certainly my favourite male in the entire series. He is charming and witty and really supportive and determined, and he won’t change himself for anything. I loved how he was like a father-figure for Harry and how he connected with Ron and Hermione. I know that his death pushed Harry to act further, but I want this charmer back in my life. He was a amazing character who would never back down from a fight and although he went the way he would have wanted to, I would still bring him back into my life. Well, life in general…ahem…

5) Fred Weasley from Harry Potter

I love Fred as a character and I give every person in Harry Potter kudos for getting on with their lives after Fred died. He was such a joker and a charmer and he was so determined and up for anything. He was brave and I loved the relationship that he had with the rest of his family, particularly Molly, Ron and Ginny. I know that his death made everything more real for Harry but I think Fred deserved a happy life alongside his family and I would bring him back into the world.

I hope you agreed with some of my choices and haven’t become depressed thinking all your favourite dead fictional characters 😉


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