How I Read Tag

Because I am a massive book-a-holic and I read pretty much every day, I thought I should share some of my reading rituals.

1) How do you find out about new books to read?
I either find them on Goodreads, which is a really cool website where you can create shelves of books that you’d like to read ect (check it out here: Or I see people talking about them on the internet (eg Youtube) or I just pick them up in my local bookstore.

2) How did you get into reading?
I learned to read at a really young age, so I suppose once I could read it was only natural for me to just to become a massive book-a-holic and buy tons of books, right?

3) How has your taste in books changed since you’ve gotten older?
I’ve always liked romance but I didn’t use to love them with the passion that I do know. And obviously, I wasn’t into young adult books when I was seven. But now, I mostly read young adult.

4) How often do you buy books?
When ever I go into town, I usually pick up some books but some months I go into town 3 or 4 times and some months I don’t go at all.

5) How did you get into booktubing?
I’m going to change this to blogging, as this is as a blog. I was just scrolling through the internet last year and I thought ‘why don’t I start a blog about things that I love?’ So I started writing about books and TV and movies and so far, I’m loving it!

6) How do you react when you don’t like the end of a book?
I do feel disappointed if I don’t like the ending and if I liked the rest of the book, I feel even more disappointed.

7) How often have you taken a sneaky look at the back page of a book to see if it’s a happy ending?
All of my friends do this ALL THE TIME, but I don’t let myself do it, because then there is no point reading the book. I might have looked maybe once or twice, but I don’t allow myself to do it anymore.

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of my reading habits!


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