Poldark | First Thoughts

Contains spoilers for Episode One

Obviously I wasn’t alive when the original 1970’s series was shown on TV, but I’m alive now and the new 2015 version of Poldark drew me in without having even read the premise. I adore Historical Fiction, I adore drama and with Ross Poldark being the epitome of tall, dark and handsome, who was I to say no? My very first thought was that ‘Kili is back from the dead!’ and then I started swooning and then I got swept away in the beautiful landscapes and gripping plots and Aidan Turner’s smile. This was unlike any drama that I’d ever seen before and I was instantly captivated by the music and gorgeous scenery. I think that we now have a great understanding of all the different characters that will be developing over the coming episodes, and I have already began to work out some of my favourites. Some of the scenes were really touching and a couple even made me choke up a little.

Aidan Turner is brilliant as the spunky, head-strong and utterly swoon-worthy Ross Poldark and I really enjoyed his slightly dark character. He isn’t the typical hero: sometimes he can be angry and arrogant and aggressive, but he also has a really tortured past and I already feel sorry for him in his current situation. I mean, the love of his life is now engaged to his cousin…Awkward…I also found it really interesting how Ross started trying to re-build his life after returning from the war, and how his character changed from the start of the episode to the end. I also loved the character of Demelza, who is played by Eleanor Tomlinson. She is such a feisty, brash character but I also love how much her dog means to her and how that tough act is often a front. I thought that rest of the Poldark’s are all a bit stupid, and Elizabeth is a bit clingy, although I liked the character of Verity and her relationship with Ross.

I really enjoyed the opening storyline of Ross returning from war to find that his father has died, his estate is in ruins and he has next to no inheritance. It was a very clear and easy to follow plot, and I really empathized with Ross, and his life changes in a snap-second and his situation just keeps going from bad to worse. I adored the ending of the episode when Demelza’s father and his two cronies come looking for Demelza and are baying for Ross’s blood, but all his tenants and his two workers band together and start fighting against them. It was such a heart-warming scene and I loved the conversation between Ross and his tenants – and friends – because I feel the way towards my friends that they feel towards Ross and it was a really relatable and touching scene. I also liked the market scene because it really captured the period of time that everything was happening. Everything in this episode made sense and everything had a reason for happening.

Aside from the action and adventure there was quite a lot of mystery in this episode too, surrounding some of the characters and their motives. I know that there are probably going to be lots of dodgy dealings going on in future episodes as Ross continues to try and get his life back on track, the Poldark’s try and keep Ross and Elizabeth apart and some of Ross’s old ‘friends’ come up with a way to use him for their own gain. There was very little romance in this episode but I can already see some relationships beginning to form and some sparks beginning to fly.

I really loved this first episode and I can’t wait to see where this series is going to go and I can’t wait for things to truly kick off.


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