Why I Love: Romance

I’m back again with another Why I Love and today I’ll be divulging some matters of the heart, and why I love romance. Now, prepare from some cheese because this is the language of love after all and I doubt that I will be able to truly express my love for the romance thread, but I will try. If you are slightly more immune to the ping of Cupid’s bow or are slightly more cringy around a lot cheesiness, then this post might just drive you insane. But for all the romantics out there, I do hope that you will understand my unleashed babblings.

I think that essentially the reason I love romance is because I’m just a hopeless romantic. I might have never been in a romantic relationship but I’m in love with the idea of love (that’s a quote from Rosalie Hale if you’re wondering and it wasn’t even intentional). Call me naïve or a idealist, but love does exist and I have that faith in humanity that it does. Whilst all my friends look away during the kiss scene in a movie, I’m the one who won’t have to shut my eyes. Love doesn’t embarrass me or worry me. I just love love. The fact that two people no matter their gender or race or sexuality or background can love each other so fiercely, fills me with joy. I’m a 100% optimist so some people might be sat reading this who are older than me thinking that I’ve no idea what I’m in for and that unfortunately true love doesn’t exist and life is crap. But I’m going to ignore you and call me what you will. Love does exist and I love reading about it or watching it because they all prove that despite the wars and the epidemics and the cultural meltdowns of society, that love does still exist. And that makes me really happy.

Another reason that I think I like romance so much is because for me, characters are the most important thing in a story. I connect with the characters and I enjoy the characters much more than I do the plot. And love happens to the characters. I know that love is a plot aspect, but it is one that is mostly character driven. I love reading about the character’s pain and angst and sorrow and annoyance because I’m such a character based reader. Anything that effects the characters effects me and even though I’ve never really cried because of a book, I get very invested into character’s lives and love is a part of that. I know that some people might think that romance is just included because it is ‘something that happens’ and I understand that but I also think it’s so much more. Love is more than just a thing. It can be a catalyst; it can be a pusher; it can be a obstruction. This is much more the mature student talking rather than the human in saying that love can evolve into creating a really complex and detailed world and storyline for the characters.

We’re back to the human now and how I love, I think like a lot of people, happy endings. I don’t know whether that makes me sad or boring but I’d much rather the characters just get together and be happy for the rest of their lives rather than going through all the faff of defeating whatever thing they have to defeat. I love seeing characters living happily with the love of their lives and sometimes, I’d rather read a book about that dinner date they had together that one time rather than all of their heroic adventures. And I also love that romance isn’t really a genre. It’s a theme of a thread or a plot point, rather than what a book is built upon. Tons of books have romance aspects in them but none of them are actually classified as romance novels. I love the happiness and cuteness and realness of love and if that makes me a sop or a wimp or wet blanket, then fine.

I’m a hopeless romantic. I’m a optimist. I’m in love with the idea of love (here we go with Rosalie again…) but I don’t think that makes me naïve. It just makes me a hopeful, that I still believe in love and humanity, despite all the crap things that we’ve done.


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