American Horror Story | First Thoughts

Contains spoilers for Season 1 Episode 1

This is a very different kind of program to what I would usually watch. I have nothing against horror, and sometimes even like being scared – but only very slightly. However, I’ve heard amazing things about this series and it has intrigued me for a very long time. So I thought that I would finally bite the bullet and watch the first episode. And now, I’m surrounded in this bubble of questions and theories and feelings and I know that I’m now in this show for the long haul. Initially, I thought who would leave three kids – all of who look about 11 – alone where they could get into trouble like breaking into a house and ultimately end up dying?

In the first couple of minutes, it was clear what the mood and atmosphere of this show was going to be. Everything felt eerie and strangely quiet and shrouded in mystery and I loved that. I’ve a feeling that this show is going to be one of those where you can’t trust anyone even for a second, because there will always be something that they are keeping from you. I really like the three main characters: Ben, Vivien and their daughter Zoe because they are all such interesting and complex characters.

I think that the world just has it in for Ben and even though I want him and Vivien to live happily ever after, I really doubt that that is going to happen in the long run. If I had been Vivien and discovered that my husband had slept with one of his students, I really don’t think I would still be around. At the very least, I’d be thinking about leaving. I love their dynamic and the scene near the end of the episode which is basically them having one big shouting match was one of my favourite scenes of the whole episode, because it was so strong and emotional and I think that the actors (Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton) who play Ben and Vivien really deserve points for this. Zoe is so full of spunk and determination, but I just know that things are going to go downhill for her, and that makes me sad.

The rest of the characters are all rather mysterious. A maid who sometimes appears to be elderly and professional yet at other times is young and manipulative. A strange and scarred teenager who seems to have a obsession with Zoe and is mentally unstable. A very peculiar next-door neighbor who has a even stranger daughter (who by the way looks nothing like her…or is that just me?). I am super, super, super intrigued by all of these characters and I really want to see more of them and find out what their backstories are. There must be some sort of paranormal-y stuff going on, right? And I really want to know what that sort of paranormal-y stuff that is.

The plot started off with a interesting twist by showing some of the previous events that had happened before our characters actually arrive in the present day and I liked that as it gave some context to the characters emotions and why they were behaving the way that they did. There wasn’t anything particularly original about the ‘new family moving into new, spooky house after traumatic incidents’ cliché but it was entertaining nevertheless. And I thought it was a great way to introduce all of the various characters into the Harmons lives. This episode certainly gave me a few jumpy moments because dark, shadowy basements really aren’t my favourite thing in the world, although I can see how some people wouldn’t have been scared by this episode. But in is only the first one, so I expect things to get bigger and better – or rather scarier and scarier – as the episodes continue and the story goes on.

I can see that this is going to be a show that is going to become one of my obsessions. It is everything I love: drama, interesting characters, some romance in the mix and I can’t wait to just binge watch this series every single weekend.


8 thoughts on “American Horror Story | First Thoughts

    • Thank you! I never thought anyone would give this blog a second glance, so to be nominated for something is amazing 🙂 I’ll have my 7 facts up within the next 24 hours xx


      • Don’t worry if you aren’t able to nominate many bloggers. I think there was once the rule that you should nominate 15 people, but that’s a loooot. In my opinion it’s not about quantity, but about us getting your opinion on who you think is good.
        When I first started blogging I didn’t follow that many others either, but it’s a great way to find friends in the community and also to draw more attention to your own blog 🙂


      • I’ve just been scrolling through your blog (I mean, you did nominate me) and it’s super cool 🙂 You’re way more caught up on TV shows than I am, I mean I’m just doing my thoughts for the first ever episode of Arrow later this month (cheeky spoiler) and you’ve already reviewed the Season 3 finale 😉 xx


      • Thanks for checking it out!!! I try to be as up to date as possible, but I only ever review Season Premieres and Finales because I watch soooo many shows. It’s too much to write about them all.


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