My Top 5 Favourite Male Glee Characters

Over the last couple of months, I have been nursing a Glee obsession. I just adore the show and have been binge watching it every weekend when I haven’t been busy. I used to watch the show religiously, maybe a year ago, but for some reason I stopped watching it. But ever since I re-discovered it, it’s the only thing I can think about. So today I’m going to share my 5 favourite male characters from Glee (would you like to see a female version? If so, comment below!). I’ve just watched episode 6 of Season 4, therefore I’ll only be including characters who appeared in show before this – so if there is a really great character in Season 6, don’t kill me yet! And please, no spoilers for later episodes surrounding any of these characters.

1) Kurt Hummel
I have loved Kurt since the beginning and I think that he is one of the most-developed, interesting and entertaining characters in Glee. He has developed so much since he first appeared in Season 1, and I only know that he is going to develop further as the show progresses. He dealt with so much grief and abuse over the fact that he is gay that it made him a much stronger character from when he started off. He’s never afraid to be himself whether that means wearing crazy jumpers or skin-tight trousers, and he’s never afraid to say what needs to be said. Especially in later episodes, he really takes charge of his own future and makes decisions for himself. He’s a really great friend too, and always tries to help them out. I love his relationship with Blaine, because they are both so open and honest with each other and even though they have hit a rocky path (more like fallen off a cliff) I’m positive that they are going to work things out because they are obviously soul mates! I think that their relationship strengthened him as a character too, and I love Kurt’s outlook on life. And he’s a killer singer who adores musical theatre (somewhat like me!)

2) William Schuester
I know that this might be the cop-out answer, but I really do love Will. I think he gets overlooked a lot of the time and forgotten about, even though he is one of the main characters. I love his drive and his passion and how evident it is that he loves his job. I also love how he isn’t perfect. He doesn’t spend his every waking moment thinking about Glee club and the kids. He has other passions outside of teaching – he had dreams to take to the stage on Broadway. He’s had any number of failed relationships and he doesn’t just stay at home and sing show tunes. He’s a realistic, relatable character. I also think that his outlook on life has changed dramatically since the show began even if his character development isn’t the most obvious. He cares really deeply about every student he teaches and he wants to see them succeed, even if he is probably going to be stuck at McKinley forever. I also like the way that he becomes almost a father figure to most of them, and really influences them in their lives. But he’s also not void of humour, and is actually a really funny guy. And of course, he’s a fab singer.

3) Jesse St. James
Just because I like them doesn’t necessarily mean that they are good people, although I think that Jesse has a lot of different traits. Jesse isn’t really a main character but I like the way that he pops up in random episodes, causing angst and drama, considering he has been involved with a rival Glee club for pretty much all his life. I love how passionate and determined he is about what he does and you can see that he is a very strong and developed character. But, he does have weaknesses: he can be bribed to do just about anything and sometimes he can get a little carried away and his passion can take over. His determination and his drive is clearly shown throughout the show because if he gave up on his dreams, then he wouldn’t be popping up every now and then, would he? He has a very snarky, almost mean sense of humour but then I also think that he has a really good heart, deep down, and will do anything for you if he lets you into his select circle of friends. He is a amazing singer, which a very strong voice, which reflects his confident, cocky character.

4) Finn Hudson
I feel like Finn is Glee’s golden boy, but he’s actually a on-and-off character for me. Sometimes I love him but sometimes I really dislike him. At the moment though, I really do like him and it’s probably down to the host of emotional scenes that he’s just been through in the last couple of episodes that I’ve watched. I feel like Finn has undergone a lot of development over the course of the show and I think that’s one of the reasons that I like him. He’s changed in so many ways, but he’s still not quite there yet. He’s a real sweetheart, but definitely not a pushover, and I think he’s a really good friend. Sometimes it does annoy me how much attention Will gives him, but he is definitely a father figure for Finn so I do understand. I also love the relationship that he has with Kurt and I think that’s it great he has Kurt as a really close friend as well as a brother. I also like that Finn isn’t amazing at everything – he’s a pretty bad dancer – and this makes him a really relatable character, even if he does get on my nerves occasionally. And I’m all for the Finchel reunion that I know is going to happen…eventually.

5) Ryder Lynn
I know that a lot of the newer characters on Glee haven’t been loved quite as much as the original characters, but Ryder is definitely one of my favourites of the newbies on the show. I haven’t seen much of him yet (in fact, only a few episodes worth) so I can’t say if he goes through extensive development and changes dramatically as a character, but right now, I love him. He’s really fun to be around and is a real nice guy too. He’s quirky and confident – but not arrogant – and always gives his friends a confidence boost when they need it. I love how supportive and generous he is and how he’ll go out of his way to make his friends and the people he cares about feel better. He also finds it really easy to be himself and you can tell that he’s not putting on a act to be liked by others. However, he also cares about his life and really tries with his schoolwork and his football career. He’s also a great (if somewhat amusing) dancer and he has a really fresh and strong voice that reflects his character.

As you might be able to guess, I have loads more favourite Glee characters but these were just the first five that sprung to mind. Would you like to see a female edition of this? Comment below if you would and lets share the Glee love!


2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Favourite Male Glee Characters

    • I do also love Blaine – and I love Blaine more considering how cute he and Kurt are. But where I’m up to – episode 11 in Season 4 – I’m not getting a ton of Klaine action, considering they aren’t together and they both have crushes on other people ;(


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