Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D | Series 2 Review

Contains strong spoilers for Series 2 – so there’s no turning back once you read this.

HOLY COW. My first two words from watching the series finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. So many heart-stopping moments; so many moments where I was yelling ‘YOU WILL SURVIVE’ at the TV screen. And after all that, the most earth-shattering and emotion-inducing last 30 seconds of any TV show I’ve ever, ever, ever watched. This is your final warning. Those are my thoughts – but continuing to read this without being spoiled is physically impossible. So, take heed. This episode was by far the best episode of the entire show so far – there were so many twists and turns and revelations and kick-butt moments and so many great movements between the characters that provoked serious reactions in me. And no one can provoke reactions in me like Marvel can.

The episode starts where the previous one left of – after we discover that Jiaying is basically a power-hungry maniac who is kidding herself that she’s protecting everyone and doing the right thing, all hell breaks loose. Everyone is running round, shooting and dodging flying potted plants and right of the bat is awesome fight scene number 1 between May and Skye. Then after some chatting and realization of what the hell just happened, the awesome duo that is Lance Hunter (ADORE HIM) and Leo Fitz (EQUALLY ADORE HIM) begin to talk things over about what the hell just happened. I really like these two together because they are both such different characters, but both equally awesome.

Then we skip to Reina – who I’ve never really liked, but actually comes in useful in this episode. She uses her ability to see into the future to tell Skye about her mother’s true intentions and although Skye doesn’t fully believe her, this is the wake up call she needed. Hunter and Leo finally put the pieces together about what happened to Bobbi, and Hunter along with May and a full team set out to Spain to find her. I adore Hunter and Bobbi separately but I also love their relationship as a pair and no one can make me shout at the screen like those two can. I think they are fabulous characters and I adore them. Poor Bobbi is being tortured by the-bastard-in-a-leather-jacket Ward and his lap-dog Kara and I actually cringed at this part. What Ward was doing looked so painful and was so twisted that I wanted to squish his head in. Skye confronts her mother about what Reina told her and with some pretty words her mother manages to convince her that what she’s doing is right. Of course.

Mack comes back (yay!) even though he gave in his resignation because really, he can’t just leave when everything and everyone is under attack. I like Mack, I think he’s a interesting character and has a lot of skills in a lot of different areas. Cal goes mad after taking Gorilla testosterone – among other things – and Jemma puts her amazing skills to good use by basically doing all the science-y stuff while everyone else runs round holding a gun. Again, I adore Jemma’s character and I think she is amazing. I also love her and Fitz but we’ll get to that later (eek!). Ward is being his normal, evil, psychotic self by torturing Bobbi and I actually nearly cried when I heard the tremor in her voice. I WANT TO SQUISH YOU GRANT WARD! Jiaying shows her true, dark, colours by killing Reina and Skye finally gets what the hell is going on. But before she can unleash her quite cool powers, a random guy knocks her out and her own mother takes her prisoner. She’s not a natural at this whole parenting thing.

Ward continues to crush Bobbi but like a pro she fights back, initiating awesome fight scene number 2. It’s a pretty unfair fight considering that Bobbi’s finger is gushing blood and is about to fall off, so it’s understandable that in the end Ward and Kara are hovering over her with a gun. But Kara doesn’t shoot her, saying that Bobbi doesn’t care whether she lives or dies. WHCIH IS A LIE. She cares massively about all the people back at SHIELD, especially Hunter. SO SHUT UP KARA. Cal then dies, but comes back to life thanks to Jemma and then turns into some ranging lunatic – and some very witty one-liners. Hunter and May have a very interesting discussion about love whilst on route to Bobbi, and I love that conversation. It shows that these two characters – who are very closed off about their personal lives – actually are very passionate people.

Bobbi is now gagged and bound with a gun behind her after Ward has set some creepy machinery on the door, meaning that the first person to talk through the door will be blown to pieces. Kara and Ward then leave with psychotic smiles on their faces. Bobbi isn’t having any of it, and then attempts to find a way out – in true kick-butt style. A gang of inhumans then invade the ship, generally causing chaos, and Cal looses it only to be brought back by some soothing words from Coulson. Mack then breaks Skye out of prison and they join forces to hopefully save the day! Hunter is still desperately hunting for Bobbi whilst May stalks the place for Ward and Kara. Having found Bobbi’s cell and Bobbi not having de-activated the machine on the door she takes the bullet for Hunter, rather than have it hit him instead. LOVE THEM! Although this scene did almost make me cry. But thanks to her strong-wills, she doesn’t die and May and Hunter take her back to SHIELD. And to make things better, Ward shoots Kara thinking that she’s May and she dies. Woop woop!

Bobbi arrives back at SHIELD with Jemma talking doctor-babble and the most heart-warming and pain-inducing looks strikes Hunter’s face. Skye is busy trying to contact her SHIELD friends but Lincoln soon stops her by using his lightening powers against her. Mack soon saves the day and they go off running with their weapons in tow. Coulson and the rest of the team are off to face Jiaying and Mac takes care of Gordon – who has always annoyed me. Skye, Lincoln and Mack and trying to take down the inhumans whilst Coulson and Fitz but their plan into action, but not before Simmons and Fitz finally talk about the feelings they admitted to each other when Ward left them at the bottom of the ocean. These two are another couple that I adore, I really, really want more romance next season.

Jiaying and Skye have a face off – literally – which results in Skye beating the crap out of her own mother. Bobbi is stable (hoo-rah) and she and Hunter share a touching bedside conversation – just get re-married again. Please. Thanks to everyone’s efforts the evil people are no more, but there’s a lot of cleaning up to do. May takes some time off (I think she deserves some), Coulson loses his hand – but he’s had worse – Mack is still around and now in charge of the weird alien artifacts. Coulson talks of ‘another team’ and there are only rumours about what this could mean. Cal and Skye say goodbye – well, Cal has his memory wiped and opens a Vets, so things are different now. And, when we thought everyone was safe and alive and Fitz had asked out Simmons on a date SHE HAD TO BE SUCKED INTO THE CREEPY BLACK CRYSTAL THING. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

But she’s still alive. And that date will happen.

This series is great. It’s amazing. It takes a little getting into, but once you’re on it, you’re not leaving. I’m counting the days till Season 3 and till Jemma and Fitz have that date – I’m not forgetting that, or this show, ever.


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