The 100 | Series 2 Review

This will contain mild spoilers for the season 2 finale ‘Blood Must Have Blood’ and episode 8 ‘Spacewalker’

You may remember seeing my first thoughts for The 100 or my review of the whole of season one but now I’m fully up to date on both seasons and it was epic. This series a tad hit and miss for me – there are some characters that I’m still not sure on and moments when I feel a little bored – but overall I love it. The characters that I love, I love with a burning passion and this series is so action-packed and thrill-educing that I’m constantly sitting on the edge of my seat. If you haven’t started this series yet, then I strongly recommend that you do – it’s full of action and adventure and humour and be pretty gory at times too – and I think it would be a great series to binge watch over the summer months.

I’m going to start off with characters, as I usually do, and I have a lot of feelings when it comes to this set of characters. Clarke is still a bit iffy for me – sometimes I love her and sometimes I really don’t – and funnily enough I feel the same way about her mother, Abby. She really annoyed me at times, especially when it came to her and Clarke arguing over leadership. Bellamy has a grown on me a lot this season, and now I really like him and his character – but would it kill him to flash a smile every once in a while? Now, Finn’s dead (woo hoo!) which was a bit of a shock, but I never really liked his character anyway so πŸ˜‰ Raven has now been promoted to my favourite character in the whole show – she goes through hell in this series – and I loved the introduction of Wick because Raven deserves to be happy with someone, and Wick is hilarious and they are seriously cute when they interact with each other. Octavia has rapidly shot up the scale and she is now awesome – she is super kick-butt and determined and I really like how her and Lincoln still have a relationship.

I still really like Jasper, especially when he turned revolutionary and got all feisty. Monty is still really cute and I love his brotherly relationship with Jasper. I still really like Marcus, but he’s gone down-hill slightly and has reverted back to his old ways. I still really like Thelonious and I love how is trying to find a more permanent solution to living on Earth, rather than fighting and killing everyone. I never liked Lexa from the beginning and now we know that she is a double-crossing pixie, so it all makes sense. I adored the character of Dante, even though he could be a bit ambiguous at times. I really felt like he was trying to do the right thing but his stupid good-for-nothing son Cage (what kind of name is that) kept getting in the way.

Something else that I love about this series, is all the relationships that form between all the characters. I adore Raven and Wick’s – oops, it’s Kyle now – relationship, that is still in the early stages, but they really trust each other and care for each other (and Wick’s reaction when Raven was having her bone marrow extraction just shows how much he cares). I also love Lincoln and Octavia because they have such a mature and trusting relationship and they seem to really understand each other. I’m still waiting for some Clarke and Bellamy action – although Clarke did kiss him on the cheek – and I really wanted to grab Clarke’s fancy little coat as she walked into the forest like an idiot, drag her back to Bellamy and then push them both back into Camp Jaha. And is a little relationship forming between Abby and Marcus? There was an awful lot of handholding in the finale, but is it just professional? I guess we’ll have to see.

The plot of this series was really fast-paced and engaging – although with all the different groups of people, it got a little confusing sometimes. I also really like how this show doesn’t just follow one character, it follows every single character in what they’re doing and this manages to give us a greater scope of the world, whilst getting to know all the characters. This show might not have much in the area of profanity – but the blood budget for this show is continuously used. There can be a lot of gore sometimes (like drilling into someone’s hip and chopping Cage’s hand off) , but I think just adds to the realism, after all, these are people who are trying to stay alive. Something else that this show does really well is make you feel things. Not everything in this show is pleasant and in order to save all the people from The Ark, Clarke has to kill everyone else with radioactive gas. That’s hardly nice, especially when the dead includes the elderly and young children. I nearly cried at the end of the finale when we were seeing all the dead people but I lost it when Abby was comforting Clarke and Clarke said she was ‘trying to be the good guy’ to which Abby replies that ‘maybe there are no good guys.’ This show knows how to hit you right in the feels.

I think this series is great and I feel very accomplished now that I’m up to date on everything. I can’t wait to see where this series goes in the next season – Clarke better come back or I’m going to slap her – and I’m really intrigued to see what other monsters are going to be hiding on Earth. I’d really recommend this series because I think offers a lot – it’s sci-fi, drama, adventure, action and it has sprinklings of romance to keep me satisfied to.

Let me know in the comments: who is your favourite character? Who is your favourite couple? Do you love Raven as much as I do?


5 thoughts on “The 100 | Series 2 Review

  1. I’m Bellarke fan all the way and I will riot if I don’t see some action between them soon lol
    Other than that I told you before that I am a huge fan of the show. I like Raven, but probably not as much as you.


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