The Encouraging Thunder Award

I’ve been nominated for another fairly new and exciting award – the Encouraging Thunder Award – by the lovely Cristina over at MyTinyObsessions (check her blog out, she is really cool: Yay! Thank you so much Cristina for nominating me, you’ve literally made my week 🙂 And please guys, go and check out her blog. She’s cool 😉

So, the rules:
1.Thank the person who nominated you.
2.Post the Encouraging Thunder logo. (below!)
3.Mention your purpose in blogging.
4.Nominate others for the award.


My Purpose for Blogging

I’ve always enjoyed writing – English has always been ‘my thing’ – and I was always the kid who never minded having to write a five page essay and actually looked forward to English tests and exams; I just love reading and writing and literature. And from this passion, started my passion for books. I’ve always loved books. Ever since my dad would read to me as a child, I’ve been obsessed. I also love TV shows. And movies. And the internet. And if you combine them? You sort of get this, my blog.

I love talking to people and interacting with people and I love being surrounded by a sense of community – that everyone is there for the same reason and we all have some mutual ground that we can relate on. That’s why I blog – I love sharing the things I’m obsessed with with other people. I want to help other people discover their next big obsessions and their new favourite things.

Basically, I blog because I love what I talk about. I love writing; I love books; I love movies; I love TV shows. And I love sharing them with the world.

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