I Have News | Throne of Glass on TV, Neville Longbottom In Ripper Street & Marvel’s Jessica Jones?!

OMG. Yes, this is real. It has been confirmed by the queen herself, Sarah J Maas, that Throne of Glass has been optioned for TV. In an interview with Publishers Weekly, Maas and the writer casually dropped that her Throne of Glass series had been optioned for a television series. Mark Gordon Company will put the fan-adored fantasy series on the screen, and don’t panic because it’s in good hands. The production company is behind hits like Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, the upcoming The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair and the hugely buzzed Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs movie.

Maas, according to her online blog, has had a film/TV agent since January 2012, so clearly this news has been a longtime coming not just for her fans. On Twitter, Maas called out the major news and said she’d have more information soon. (Hopefully because I’m dying here.) Now I know that there are a lot of backlash from people who are quite upset that this show is being transformed into TV because they feel that like some other book-to-movie adaptations, this one will be screwed up. But I’m putting my faith in the production company because they have some pretty stellar credentials behind them, so I’m remaining positive.

After loving season three of Ripper Street, I’m now on the look out for every single detail towards the next series and this one caught my eye. Along with David Threlfall, Neville Longbottom aka Matthew Lewis has joined the cast of Ripper Street for series four. Like actually. Like actually. Matthew, 26, will also be featuring in series four but his role is being kept under wraps for the moment. However, he did drop a hint earlier this week when he posted an image of himself on Twitter dressed as a police officer with the caption: “Sometimes I like to dress like a 19th Century policeman and insist somebody takes pictures of me next to a horse.”

I am so excited, I may vomit

The Shameless actor will be playing a series regular in the forthcoming run, starring along Matthew Macfadyen, Game of Thrones’ star Jerome Flynn, Adam Rothenburg, MyAnna Buring and Charlene McKenna. David, 61, will be taking on the part of Abel Croker, who has been described as a “wharfinger, villain and keeper of other men’s secrets”. Meanwhile Harry Potter’s Neville Longbottom star Other new faces joining the show will be Jonas Armstrong, who previously starred as Robin Hood in the BBC series, David Warner and Killian Scott. Just what roles they will have in the Victorian drama remains unknown but further details are set to be released soon.


I know that this is hardly news about Marvel’s Jessica Jones and the cast list is already pretty well known. Krysten Ritter (from Confessions of a Shopaholic fame) will be taking the staring role of Jessica Jones while David Tenant will be playing her nemesis Killgrave and Mike Colter, Rachael Taylor and Carrie-Ann Moss will also be appearing as Luke Cage, Patsy Walker and Harper respectively. But now, we have stills! Actual real footage!

Jessica Jones will focus on the struggles of Ritter’s eponymous character, a New York City private detective and ex-superhero who works on cases involving individuals with special abilities beyond that of ordinary folks. Though not much is known about Killgrave’s role in the Netflix series, in the Marvel comics on which it is based, Zebediah Killgrave — aka Purple Man — is a villain with the power of mind control and manupulation who has tangled with Daredevil and Luke Cage (both of whom will star in their own Netflix shows) and most notably with Jessica Jones in Brian Michael Bendis’ Alias.


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