I Have News | The Harry Potter Prequel, Alice Through The Looking Glass & Hunger Game Theme Parks!?

It’s been just over two years since we found out that J.K. Rowling was writing a screenplay for the film adaptation of her Harry Potter spin-off, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. And just four months since it was announced that Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne will be playing the lead role of magical zoologist Newt Scamander, which literally made my day, because I love Eddie. Now, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have our first look at Redmayne in character. And, it’s pretty amazing…I mean the coat is on point, the messy hair is fabulous. It’s all good…

Now, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we have our first look at Redmayne in character.

This picture also came with some news: In our cover image you get a first look at Scamander, his pivotal briefcase in hand, standing inside the entrance of the majestic art deco-influenced Magical Congress of the United States of America (or MACUSA), which is the American version of the Ministry of Magic that’s housed inside the Woolworth Building in the film. I am so, so, so excited for this thing. I CAN’T WAIT!

Attention All Harry Potter Fans: I Have Not One, but Three Exciting Pieces of News for You

Talk of a sequel to Tim Burton’s 2010 version of Alice in Wonderland has been circulating since 2012, and Disney officially announced in August that the film will be released on 27 May 2016. This is a film that I really enjoyed – and I listened to the soundtrack for at least two weeks solid afterwards. Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, and Helena Bonham Carter will be reprising their roles from the first film, which I am very happy about, and some new cast members include Rhys Ifans as the Mad Hatter’s father and Sacha Baron Cohen as Time.

And recently, Disney officially dropped the first teaser trailers for the movie on Twitter. The teasers are both under 10 seconds and neither give very much away, in true teaser trailer style. But I still want more. I can’t wait to finally get to see the next Alice in Wonderland film, even if I am yet to read the original works. I am in love with the story and the book is firmly on my bucket list. Check out the trailers here and here! AND, check out the first official, full-length trailer here!


A few months ago Lionsgate officially confirmed that The Hunger Games would be brought to life as a theme park in Dubai in 2016. And now, as the New York Times recently reported, the dystopian world is also coming to the U.S. as part of Avatron Park in Atlanta (where most of the franchise was actually filmed!), which is planned to open in 2019. And another park is stated to open in Macau, China, as well. I can’t believe what this world is coming to and even though there is no chance that I’ll ever get to go, I’m still excited to for all the hype and the news surrounding this.

While the Atlanta-based park is a few years off, the Motiongate Dubai park will be making its debut in October 2016, featuring a variety of film-based attractions as part of the Lionsgate zone. The park will include a re-creation of District 12 where Katniss grew up, a real-life version of Peeta’s bakery, costumed characters, the Hob (District 12’s black market), a lavish Capitol-esque roller coaster resembling the fancy high-speed train from the films, and a simulator ride that will take guests on a hovercraft tour of Panem. Basically, this is real and happening. Like actually happening. Really. Grab your hats and your children and your Mockingjay pins and hum that four note melody until your voice box can’t take it anymore.


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