Reign Season Two | First Thoughts

Contains mild spoilers for Season two episode one

Season three of this show is already under way and I am very, very behind. So, I thought I should get a wriggle on with things and start the second season. I flew through the first season and after the cliff-hanger that was dropped at the end of season one, I was very intrigued to see how this first episode was going to play out. We return to Reign almost instantly after the finale of season one with the stability of Francis and Mary’s new rule being threatened as the plague ravages the land. Something that I really like about this show is the way that it mixes the historical and the fictional – I know that this annoys some viewers but I really like being swept up by characters and storylines, all the while learning about the past too.

Reign (2013)

I really loved in this episode how we got to see Mary and Catherine working together, because they both have such different ways of doing things but then are also so similar. The scenes in which they are forced to make difficult decisions together were some of the most dynamic and the most humorous, and it was really nice to see two such strong characters joining forces for once. It was also nice to see Francis on his own and see his personality come alive, and even though I really don’t like his and Lola’s relationship, I liked seeing these two quite similar characters appearing together. I adore Lola – mainly because she is played by Anna Popplewell – and I’m actually quite worried that if she hops on a boat to Holland then we won’t get to see much of her anymore. Another character that I’m worried will fade into the background is Leith, because I love him and I love Greer and they have to resolve their differences and just get back together. I was heartbroken at the end of season one when they exchanged some very fiery words, and I really hope they can sort things out. Greer is one of my favourite characters because she is witty and sarcastic and loyal and compassionate, and she is amazing.

Reign (2013)

This episode also showed how Kenna and Bash’s relationship is really evolving. When they were told that they were to be married, I was out-raged as I’d never even thought of the two of them in a romantic relationship. But, as time as passed, I’m starting to really love them together. Their personalities are both very stubborn and this results in some heated conflicts and some very funny moments too. I really like seeing their supportive, caring relationship that is developing because among all the murder and betrayals and heart-ache that this show contains, there really needs to be a solid, loving couple and I feel like Kenna and Bash are that. We are also introduced to Conde and Narcisse in this episode, who I think are going to play pretty major roles in up-coming episodes. For starters, they are both very handsome but we don’t really know whose side either of them are on yet – they look to have their alliances in the right places but they sound very ambitious and will probably do anything to get what they want.

Reign (2013)

This episode was very tense and filled with those edge-of-your seat moments that I’ve come to expect from Reign. This show does a very good job of combining the tense, dark moments and the more fun, light-hearted ones which means the overall atmosphere is intriguing and exciting to watch. I like how this episode concentrated a lot on some of the more secondary characters rather than solely Mary because I really love Greer, Kenna and Lola and want to see more of their lives too. Specifically, I want more Greer because I feel that she can sometimes get pushed to the wayside a little.

I am super excited to be starting this series again and I’m planning on flying through it whilst the weather is crisp and cold outside. I love the characters and the relationships and I can’t wait to see what action-packed plots are going to be coming up.


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