Jessica Jones | Series 1 Review

Contains spoilers for Jessica Jones, so be warned…

I will watch anything that Marvel put out into the world and even though I’m yet to dive into the worlds of The Flash and Daredevil, they are both high up on my priority list. This latest outing into the television medium of things was very different to anything Marvel have done before – it was very dark and very creepy and had a strong psychological thriller feel to the whole series. As well as this, the show mentions some particularly big topics that aren’t always mentioned in TV, including rape, suicide and the death penalty. Marvel’s movies are all rather upbeat, or at least when things do get dark there is always a quip or a joke to bring things back up. But in the television universe, things can be taken to a much deeper, darker and scarier level with more blood and gore. All these elements complimented Jessica Jones’s story perfectly because she is a particularly tortured character, who has more bad days than good ones.

I loved the character of Jessica Jones, for the most part. I’m always a fan of the tough, feisty characters and I think that Jess was a very resourceful and pragmatic character, who you can always count on. However, in her bid to be utterly fearless she did annoy me on a few occasions. Trish, Malcolm and Luke have all sacrificed things and suffered thanks to their affiliation with Jessica and when they go out of their way to help her, they hardly ever get any recognition for it. Moving onto Trish though, I think she is the unsung hero of this show. She survived a extremely traumatic and uncomfortable childhood and has crafted her life into something better. She is extremely resilient and kind-hearted and always tries to see the best in people. I love Trish and Jess’s relationship – especially in the finale when Jess finally shows Trish some love and reveals how her she really does value and care for her. Luke was great, and I am very excited for his own series to come into focus because he’s funny and supportive and brave and a great, likeable character. I also really like – and feel very sorry for – Malcolm because he’s such a kind, lovable person that life hasn’t been very kind to.

All the performances from the actors in this show were superb, but I cannot continue without mentioning David Tennant’s portrayal as Kilgrave. He was terrifying and manipulative but still had a sarcastic, witty humour to him and thanks to Tennant’s performance, you really sympathised with him at times – even though he is psychotic and a rapist and generally an idiot. Kilgrave was really the only source of humour in this show and this is one of my little qualms – sometimes things were so dark that they just got slightly boring and tedious. However, this show isn’t necessarily about the humour – it is about showing the effects of a controlling and abusive relationship, it’s about guilt and being a good human, it’s about redemption and acceptance. It’s not about romance or forming friendly relationships between people – although those are another two points I could make that annoyed me about this show. I would have liked maybe a little more flirting or romance between the characters, and I would have liked some of the characters to have formed closer bonds, rather than remaining stubborn because that person wronged them in the past.

The plot of this show is extremely fast-paced and exciting and there is always something happening, or something to think about or something to look for. I also loved how Kilgrave, Jessica and Luke’s powers were shown – they weren’t cheesy or exaggerated. They were really cool and interesting and in Kilgrave’s case, terrifying. Kilgrave really does terrify me because he’s so unpredictable; he appears to be charming and friendly but is actually selfish, power-hungry and doesn’t accept responsibility for any of his actions. There is a lot of gruesome scenes in this TV show and many are quite harrowing, especially the scene between Jeri and her ex-wife Wendy who is being controlled by Kilgrave. But the blood was used in a way that could never be used on the big screen because it would be too graphic for younger audiences that the film has to appeal to – here it adds a level of grime and dirt and seriousness to the series, which works really well.

So where do we go from here? There has been talk of another set of episodes but I really don’t know how that would fit into the storyline. But with a series all about Luke Cage on the way, Jessica could very well make an unexpected appearance in that – hopefully with a little more light and humour because I love her when she is happy and throwing quips at everyone she meets. I did have a few little problems with this series but like everything that Marvel has put out, I still really enjoyed my experience of watching it.


5 thoughts on “Jessica Jones | Series 1 Review

    • I really did enjoy it and although it wasn’t perfect – if you’re feeling down, I would not recommend this one – I still had a good time 😉


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