The 100 Season Three | First Thoughts

I last watched the 100 back in August, and after the epic conclusion of the last series, it’s safe to say that I was rather intrigued to see what this new series would bring. This show has been on-and-off with me since I started watching it; there are some elements of the show and some characters that I really love but equally there are also some elements and characters that I really just can’t get on board with and just bore me, frankly. I’m also not the biggest watcher of sci-fi or action, so for the most part, this show is a whole new genre for me. And this first episode certainly looks to be taking the story in a interesting direction. I will say that I thought this episode was very serious, all the humour and banter of the previous seasons is yet to re-appear, and at some points this episode was actually quite dull. But I dare say that my curiosity is going to win out because I have so many unanswered questions about the new villains lurking in the trees, and the characters relationships with each other that I just know I’m going to keep watching, even if it isn’t exactly a barrel of laughs every other minute.

For some reason, I’ve never really been able to get along with Clarke fully and this episode was no exception. I don’t know what it is about her character but I just find her very unlikeable and quite boring. Although, I will give to show major kudos for tackling the issue of queer representation and having the main character being very comfortable with her sexuality, which I loved seeing, especially in a fantasy/sci-fi TV show where the romance is definitely not something that is at the forefront of the plotline. This is one aspect of the show that I’m really on board with and I really like how the writers and the producers have been tackling Clarke’s identity and how she isn’t labelling herself. Another character who I have often had trouble getting along with is Bellamy. At some moments I find myself really liking him and rooting for his character and I think that I’ve finally fallen in love with. But then, a second later, I think he’s the most boring character on the planet and I would rather look at trees all day. So yes, I am rather conflicted about the two front-runners of this show.

It seems to be a running theme with this show that I can’t fully fall in love with a character, because they are boring or self-obsessed or just plain boring to watch on screen. I really want to love Abby, but there’s just something about her character in this episode that keeps me from liking her. Jasper seems to have taken some steps backwards, but his almost-girlfriend was just killed, so I’ll let him off. And because of Jasper’s lack of character, Monty was a lot more subdued than normal, and that is not a Monty that I want to see. A character I am most certainly not conflicted about is Raven Reyes, probably my favourite character on this show. Even though Raven’s portrayal in this first episode was a watered-down version of her snarky, sarcastic self, I still loved her more than anyone else. I’m rather worried as to what her status with Wick is, as they both seemed to be getting along swimmingly at the end of the last series, and that was one relationship that I loved to watch on screen. Nevertheless, I think Raven is one of the strongest characters on this show and I absolutely love her.

Going into this episode I wasn’t sure where the plot was going to go but from the look of things, the group are trying to keep everyone alive, find Clarke, and tackle the new foe that has emerged from the trees – but really, where do all these people hide? This storyline is very effective when it’s new to the series and the new foe are interesting. This is basically the third time that this story has been played out, so the novelty is beginning to wear off slightly. And we know basically nothing about the new bad guys, so I really can’t be remotely scared about them in any way, shape or form. I think this series is also going to try and repair a number of broken relationships between the characters and this is something that I am all for, because I hate seeing people fight, whether those are real people or fictional people.


So, things I want to see? Bring poor John back from the swamp that he’s hiding in with Jaha who seems to be living the organic lifestyle and a hologram, because I need his and Bellamy’s angst-filled relationship back in my life. I also need Raven and Wick back together because that was one of main things that kept me watching the show. Just more romance all round, I think. But a decent episode, if slightly tedious in places.


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