The Steel Flea by Nikolay Leskov | Little Black Classic Mini Review


I’ve decided that whenever I do a review of one of these Little Black Classics, it’s going to be a mini review – because there are only 50 pages and there is only so much that I can say about it. It’s safe to say that my expectations going into this book were pretty non-existent. I had no idea what this book was going to be like, and to be fair, the only reasons I picked it up because it is super short and it has been sitting on my shelves forever. And, I was actually pretty surprised by this book.

The writing style was very, very different to what I was expecting, mainly because this book was written in 1881 in Russia. But the writing was actually very easy to understand and to follow and was written in a very conversational tone, and the scenes moved forwards very quickly. There were no long pages of droning description about trees or man’s guilt – everything was really fast-paced and the amount of the story that was crammed into this little book was very impressive. I didn’t connect with the story or the characters at all, but I’m pretty sure that if I re-read this book again in a few years, it will have a totally new and different meaning to me – and I’m sure I’ll get more of the comical aspects of this book.

I gave this book a 3 out of 5 stars, for the way that it totally surprised me in terms of the writing style and the way that the writing really pushed the story along and kept the action moving.


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