The Marry, Kiss, Cliff Tag #2

I loved this tag so much the last time I did it – even though it was extremely stressful – that I’m going to do it all over again. I have a heap of male characters from books, films and TV shows and I have to decide the one that I will marry, the one I will kiss and the one that I will throw off a cliff. They are all different characters from my last one, and I have enough characters for five rounds so this should be short and sweet and very interesting!

1) Jimmy Darling (American Horror Story: Freak Show) v Lance Hunter (Agents of SHIELD) v Daniel Sousa (Agent Carter)

This is hard man! I know that I’m definitely pushing Jimmy off a cliff because while I like him, he just can’t compete with two of my favourite marvel males. While Daniel would probably be the better long term choice, I still love Lance a lot…I can’t do this…It’s too hard…gah…right…

Marry – Daniel Sousa
Kiss – Lance Hunter
Cliff – Jimmy Darling

2) Mr. Rochester (Jane Eyre) v Frank Devino (How To Get Away With Murder) v Hans (Frozen)

This round is easy. No offence to any Mr. Rochester lovers but…

Marry – Frank Devino
Kiss – Mr. Rochester
Cliff – Hans

I’m cliffing the evil genius, kissing the man old enough to be father and marrying the best beard in TV

3) Owen (Jurassic World) v Christian Ozera (Vampire Academy) v Emperor Kaito (The Lunar Chronicles)

This is hard but…also not…

Marry – Emperor Kaito
Kiss – Christian Ozera
Cliff – Owen

I would marry Christian because I absolutely love him but I absolutely love him with Lissa, so I’ll settle for Kai because he’s still pretty cool

4) Jack Hodgson (Silent Witness) v Carswell Thorne (The Lunar Chronicles) v Cedric Diggory (Harry Potter)

Oooh! These are all very nice male characters…gah…okay…I can do this…

Marry – Jack Hodgson
Kiss – Carswell Thorne
Cliff – Cedric Diggory

Cedric’s nice but he’s not my favourite, while I love Thorne I want him to be with Cress and Jack is just amazing in every way, shape and form

5) Steve Rogers (Marvel Universe) v Kristoff (Frozen) v Eggsy Unwin (Kingsman)

Again, these guys are all great. Like, really great. And they are all really caring and supportive and funny and adorable. Right…

Marry – Steve Rogers
Kiss – Kristoff
Cliff – Eggsy Unwin

Who would possibly turn down marrying Steve Rogers aka Captain America? Who? And Kristoff is great – if somewhat animated. And, to be fair, Eggsy could probably get one of his super spy friends to save him.

That was the short but sweet marry, kiss, cliff tag round two 🙂


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