How To Get Away With Murder | Series 2 Review

This will contain spoilers for the series two finale of How To Get Away With Murder, so watch out…

You guys all know that I am a massive fan of this show and after this show returned from its mid-series hiatus I’ve been hooked on this show. This series has been very emotionally draining, with a lot of answers being brought to the table to a lot of the questions that have been floating around my head for the majority of the series. There was a lot of character development and background revealed in this series, especially surrounding Wes, Frank and Annalise, which was great because now the weirdly protective hold Annalise has over Wes is explained, among all the crazy murder and betrayal plots that are going on. This series was full of twists and turns, with a lot of the characters taking greater control of their lives and their actions and beginning to come to terms with all of the awful things that have happened over the course of the two series. This series really packed an emotional punch because of this, and every single episode was very intense and heavy and twisted and it really messed with my head. But I just couldn’t stop watching. And judging from that cliffhanger – I now have a billion new questions that I need answering – I’m not going to stop watching this show for a very long time.

One of the things that I am really glad this series touched on was Wes and Annalise’s backstory. We learned so much about their past lives, and the whole situation surrounding Wes’s mother. We also learn from this series that Annalise is a complete bad-ass because how she still manages to get up in the morning, considering all the crap that she’s been through is beyond me. We also learn quite a lot about Frank, and the reasons for the way he has acted throughout the series. EVERYTHING MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOW! Well, maybe not everything because that last minute of the finale left me with so many questions: where the heck has Frank gone? Will he come back? What does this mean for my favourite couple, Frank and Laurel? Who killed Wes’s father? Was it Frank? Was it Phillip? So many questions that I want answering. I’d also really like to see more backstory regarding Oliver, Michaela, Laurel and Connor because I feel like they can sometimes get sidelined whilst everyone is running round screaming and trying not to get themselves killed.

Laurel really came into her own this series, really taking control of the situation and her own life. I would have liked to see more of the witty, sarcastic Laurel that I’ve come to know and love, but with everything that is going on, I suppose I can let this slide. But she’s such a strong-willed and determined character that I can’t help but love her. Surprisingly, I also really found myself liking the character of Asher this series, who seems to have mellowed slightly and is being less of a jerk, which is wonderful to see. He’s mildly compassionate and caring, but that doesn’t mean that he had lost his goofiness which always breaks up the drama and tension that ricochets throughout this series. And Frank really developed this series, as did our understanding around his character, and I think I’ve fallen in love with him even more. He’s protective and loyal and very witty, and I really hope that we get to see him in the next series. I just hope that he’s still alive. I was half-expecting to see him dead in his wardrobe, considering how many characters got bumped off this series – but I’m hoping he has the luck of the draw.

The first half of this series was firmly focused on the crazy mystery surrounding the Hapstalls, but the latter half of this series had definitely swung its focus onto the effects that life was having on the characters, their backstories and what direction the next series looks to be going in. And I was totally okay with this. Just because the plotline is a lot less structured, does not mean that it is any less dramatic or suspenseful. This series is always filled with surprises and shocks, and I’m constantly sat on the edge of my seat with my mouth hanging open. It’s actually quite tiring to watch. There are quite a few moments of light-heartedness and jokes between the characters but this lulls you into a false sense of security, just so that the next minute, someone is found dead in the bath tub, you feel as though your eye balls are going to pop their sockets in shock. I can always count on this series to be filled with drama and mystery and tension, and I love it.

I cannot wait to see what crazy adventure we embark on with the next series – hopefully it will contain lots more Laurel and Frank, and will also spend lots of time focusing on the groups holiday to a spa somewhere because I think they desperately need it. And so do I really, because I’m sure my blood pressure has increased since watching this show.


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