Agents of SHIELD | Series 3 Review

This will contain spoilers for series 3 of Agents of SHIELD, so make sure you’ve seen the whole series

I have been a massive fan of this show since the beginning and while it started off a little rocky, at the end of its third series, this show is now of full of confidence and producing excellent episodes week after week. Unlike the film franchise, this show doesn’t have to cater to every member of the film audience so can afford to do some things that the films can’t – kill characters off, for example, and just generally go a whole lot darker. This makes for extremely entertaining viewing with high stakes and action-packed plots that combine the sci-fi and magic that we’ve come to know from the Marvel films as well as the spy aspect brought by the agents of SHIELD.

This series was definitely the best one yet and it also gave us a little introduction to what we can expect from the Inhumans film that is set to be released in 2019. The characters that we’ve come to know and love developed into some infinitely more interesting characters and the whole world is really opening up. This series was also hilarious – and even though we’ve lost the main source of laughter, Bobbi and Hunter, and from the looks of things won’t be hearing from them again – but it didn’t feel forced and cringy which some Marvel films can. Basically, I am super excited to see where the next series goes and I will definitely be watching it.

So, characters. I cannot express my love and appreciation for how far the characters of Fitz and Simmons have come this series. Firstly, they’ve finally bitten the bullet and decided to give the relationship thing a go. And they are so adorable together! I also love how they’ve developed individually – they’ve become so much more confident and strong-willed and just more badass in general. On a more depressing note, I am devastated that we’ve said goodbye to Bobbi and Hunter. Their final episode actually had me in tears and I still get a little misty eyed thinking about it. It carried such a heavy impact and emotional value that I think it was one of the best episodes Agents of SHIELD has ever shown. They were both so feisty and strong-willed, as well as being flawed, and I would have loved to see them continue on the show but…oh well.

But with those two gone, it introduced us to the fantastic character of Elena who I now love. I love the fact that this show is showing even more racial diversity – the show already had an African-American man and Chinese woman as part of the main cast – and now we have Elena who is Colombian. She is super feisty and loyal and I also like how she values religion a lot and this contrasted to the rest of the characters who haven’t shown any inkling that they are religious. And, let’s face it, religion isn’t really shown much in TV dramas, is it?

No matter who your favourite character is, you don’t want any harm to come to any of them. Even I wanted Daisy to make it to the end of the finale (she is my least favourite character in the show). I think this is down to the fact that they all feel so real with their complex personalities and quirks and flaws. They are all so dynamic and interesting and I think this is one of the main things why I love this show so much. This series especially showed a lot of development with the characters as they were thrown into new situations and forced to come to terms with things they hadn’t considered before.

On the subject of characters, I don’t see how we can continue without mentioning that of Hive. Or Grant Ward. Or Will. Or whatever you want to call him. Or it – because he is an alien parasite. I really liked how there was one main and obvious villain for the majority of the series because it makes it so much easier to direct all of your hate onto one character. But, Hive was a really complex and interesting character because, being made up of others memories, he was able to connect with members of the team and manipulate them into doing things they didn’t want to do. And he has creepy killing powers. So, he’s disliked all round I think.

One of the things in particular that I think this series did particularly well was combining the humour and banter between the characters and the raw emotions and heart-wrenching scenes. Not only does the humour keep us amused and very entertained but it also livens up what could maybe be a quite monotonous show. The emotion also shows just how real the stakes are with this show – people ACTUALLY die – and don’t come back to life. I know. That’s practically unheard of. But the last episode of the series had me basically on the verge of tears, and I do not cry at TV shows. Ever. This show manages to pack such an emotional punch because actual lives are being lost and you’re not sure whether your favourite character is going to make it to the end of the episode.

With this show, you’re never really sure what is going to happen in an episode – whether it’s going to be an exciting government conference in Mozambique or a speed chase through the skies to find an alien race. Every episode is exciting and action-packed and filled with adventure. And emotion. And humour. And somehow they manage to get character development in and a coherent plot and make us care about the characters. And give us some romance and feeling and danger. And they do it all, in a fun and exciting and memorable way. And I think it’s fantastic and I love this show so much. But I want Bobbi and Hunter back. And Fitz and Simmons to live happily ever after without any threats from any bad guys, okay?


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