Glee | Mini Review

I’m sure by now that you guys are aware of the love that I hold for the show Glee. And having recently just finished watching the entirety of series six – and have therefore seen all the episodes – I thought I would divulge a few of my thoughts on the six series as a whole, and explain why I love this show so much. And if it’s any hint, I bawled my eyes out at the finale of series six. And I’m not a TV crier.

This show follows the same set of characters from day one but as the series goes on, more and more characters are introduced – but we still follow the same core set of characters. I know that many people felt like the newer characters – such as Kitty, Jake and Jane – were simply knock-offs of the original characters but I don’t agree with this. I love the diversity of the characters and their personalities and how they are all interesting and developed characters. Every character is complex with their own ticks and quirks, and even the characters with the slightly less-admirable qualities you still fall with love with- I’m looking at you Sue. I also like just how many minority groups that this show tried to include as well as breaching some topics that are not generally talked about much such as teenage pregnancy, transitioning from female to male and, anorexia and dyslexia as well as a whole host of other topics that affect not only young people but large percentages of the population.

Another thing I love about this show is just how interesting the ‘plots’ are. Every single episode is different, whether it’s practicing for sectionals whilst battling bullying, or organizing a party while trying to explain to your friends that you’re gay. This show is so action-packed and fast-paced and manages to combine the serious and the funny to make a show that is engaging and poignant at the same time. It’s also absolutely hilarious and every single character has an amazing sense of humour that keeps the shows light, happy atmosphere. And obviously, I love the romances that take place too but that is just me. This show is also well known for its music and I can say that I find the music to be absolutely incredible. All the songs are amazing and thanks to this show, I’ve discovered some of my new favourite songs.

I will always be an a advocate for this show because it manages to create an atmosphere of just pure joy and optimism – which I guess it kind of what Glee actually means. I am gutted that I have finished this series but with no new episodes to watch, you can bet I’m going over and replaying every single song Glee has ever done.


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