My Top 5 Favourite Non-Book Magicians

Recently I did a post explaining my 5 favourite book magicians and now it’s time for my to share my non-book favourites – the amazing magical characters that come from the worlds of TV and film. And I’m going to be using the word ‘magician’ as an umbrella term for anyone with magical powers.

1) Henley Reeves from Now You See Me

I really do love the film Now You See Me and Henley Reeves is one of my favourite characters. Not only is she played by the brilliant Isla Fisher, but she’s smart and witty and determined too. She’s also pretty great at the whole magician thing and I love her sarcastic banter. I’m really sad she’s not going to be in the sequel, but that just means I’ll have to watch the original a hundred times more.

Now You See Me, Now you don't.:

2) Sirius Black

Yes, I know that the original source material was a book but I couldn’t not put Sirius Black on my list. He’s probably my favourite male character from the world of Harry Potter and he’s also an excellent magician – technically, he’s a wizard. He’s amazingly snarky and witty and he’s also very loyal and passionate and daring. He’s also not too bad to look at, but that doesn’t have anything to do with it, does it?

3) Cordelia Foxx from American Horror Story: Coven

Sarah Paulson’s characters are always my favourite characters in American Horror Story and aside from being my favourite character in Coven, Cordelia is probably my favourite character from the entire show’s history. I feel she often gets forgotten and is just seen as a goody-two-shoes but why does being kind and considerate have to be a bad thing? She’s also a real tough-cookie but is also really funny and always takes the moral high ground which is something I love to see in a character. And, she’s the supreme, so there’s that too.

4) Fleur Delacour

I also couldn’t pass up the opportunity to put my favourite Harry Potter female onto this list too. I’ve spoken about my love for Fleur before but I think she is a very undervalued character in the world of Harry Potter and I absolutely adore her. She is protective and understanding while always remaining true to herself and loyal to her loved ones. Fleur needs more love!

5) Merlin from Merlin

A few years ago, I was properly obsessed with the TV show Merlin. And still am, to be honest. And while Merlin may not be my favourite character on the show, he is definitely my favourite magical character. He is so sweet and kind and protective of his friends but he is also really brave and determined too.



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