Why I Love: Marvel

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been watching Marvel films. I remember watching Iron Man for the first time, when I was probably a little bit young to really love it for what it was, and not really enjoying it too much. But through the years I’ve learned to really love and appreciate the world that is Marvel and nowadays, I can confidently call myself a massive Marvel fanatic. I will watch anything that has that recognized Marvel logo, even if it is something that I would never normally watch. I’m going to try and explain some of my reasons for having such a strong love for all things Marvel, but just know that they all stem from the same source: because Marvel creates brilliant TV programs and films.

One reason that I really appreciate the work of Marvel is because they use the massive fan-base that they have to teach people things. It is definitely not perfect – we all know that there needs to be more female-led films baring the Marvel logo – but especially in its TV shows, Marvel is not afraid to make examples of class and gender and depression in its work. Take Agent Carter, for example: it’s one of the most feminist and female-strong shows that I think has ever been on the air, as well as making a point of disability and nationality and race. I know that in the movies they have to appeal to a larger variety of people and sadly have to reign in slightly their comments on race and gender and alcoholism, but they still have amazing impact. Although saying that, in Iron Man 3 Tony Stark really doesn’t have a good time – he has PTSD and anxiety and he’s always had a battle with alcohol hasn’t he?

Another TV show I want to make an example of is Jessica Jones. For starters, the only reason that I even started watching the show was because I knew it was a Marvel show. Similarly, the only reason that I’m going to start watching Daredevil in the near future is because it’s a Marvel show. But Jessica Jones went in a completely different direction that what is expected from Marvel – it was dark and haunting and covered some very adult topics like alcohol abuse, depression, manipulative relationships and even sexual assault. Yet it still had one feature that is just so ‘Marvel’ – an overriding feeling of hope and optimism.

Another, more specific, reason why I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe is simply the way that they have constructed the world. Whenever a character, other than the title character, appears in a film, I get a little spur of joy. So, of course, Captain America: Civil War was very exciting for me. It’s a universe and all these individual characters exist with their own individual lives that feel so real. Natasha wasn’t in that film because she was off in Mozambique killing a drug lord. Sam Wilson wasn’t in that film because he was on a hiking holiday in Scotland. They all live their own individual lives, but they all the ability to cross-over and crop up in other films because, face it, in reality they’re probably all friends and have each others numbers and these films are basically snapshots of the universe that they live in, so of course they’ve going to pop up in each others films. And I just think it’s fantastic how each character has their own timeline.

Another thing that I adore, and I think that Marvel has almost become famed for, is the humour that each movie. Even the darkest of projects – arguably Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the film world and Jessica Jones in the TV sphere – contain little snippets of light and joy and I just love it. From a snappy one-liner, to a long hilarious round of teasing banter every single Marvel production has the ability to make me smile and laugh and chuckle. And, most of the time, it’s the funny lines and the funny scenes that stick in my head most prominently. Who can forget the sheer multitude of jokes that made up The Avengers? And who can forget possibly the funniest, and the cutest scene of all time – a baby Groot dancing to some rather old tunes? And if you have forgotten this scene, than let me remind you:

…the person we really fell for is this little guy. | 43 Reasons 2014 Was The Best Year Ever To Be A Nerd

I’m always going to be a massive Marvel fanatic because of the humour and passion and love that all their productions deliver – whether that is in the form of a witty comment on gender, or a fantastic one-liner about the state of someone’s hair.



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