A Young Doctor’s Notebook | Mini Review

I will quite happily watch anything that features Daniel Radcliffe because I know that he is a very good actor and I will always support British talent. But this show is definitely not something I would normally watch. It’s a dark medical comedy set in 1917 Russia. You know, one of those. I went into this not having a clue what to expect and I came out of the two series, each series consisting of 4 episodes, having quite enjoyed my time. I absolutely adored the humour in each episode because it was sarcastic and witty as well as being unexpected. I also liked the general plot of the show, even though I think the storylines do deteriorate a little as the show progresses. I also really loved the characters because they were all so flawed and strange and quirky yet relatable at the same time.

However, as this is a medical comedy I have to mention that this show is very gory and that the blood budget was most certainly used to within an inch of its life. And this show does also get quite dark quite quickly. Among all the jokes and banter, there are syphilis epidemics, still-born babies, civil wars and morphine addictions. The setting doesn’t do much to lighten the mood either because the bleak Russian countryside doesn’t do anything to lift someone’s spirits. What does lift spirits however, is the wonderful banter between the Young and Older doctor. Even though some of the time the interactions between the two characters can get rather confusing and seem to make very little sense, no one can deny that they are not hilarious to watch.

Overall, I had a very enjoyable few days watching all of this show and while I might not have understood what was happening all of the time and the plot may have slowly disappeared over the course of the show, it still made extremely enjoyable viewing.


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