Den of Thieves by Julia Golding | Review


In my quest to re-read this entire series – which was one of my favourites a few years ago – I decided to pick up the third installment in the Cat Royal series. This book had lodged in my brain as my favourite of the entire series – but considering as I love all the books in this series I can only think this was the case because it is set mainly in Paris and I have an obsession with anything remotely Parisian. As per usual, this book was an extremely quick read despite being over 400 pages. The writing is lively and engaging and very easy to read and understand. I adore the dialogue and humour that is weaved through this book because it’s all so witty and humorous and even though some of the events in this book are quite dark and serious, it completely lifted the tone of the book. I can’t wait to carry on my re-read of this series because it’s just so fun.

In Cat Royal’s third thrilling adventure, the Theater Royal is closed for renovations. Cat’s friends plan to spend the summer in France, leaving her homeless and alone. But Mr. Sheridan, the theater owner and Cat’s guardian, commissions Cat to act as his spy in the French Revolution. Disguised as a member of a dance troupe, Cat infiltrates the front lines, but when her friends are captured as traitors, her mission becomes perilous. Will Cat be able to save them all from certain death? Travel with Cat from London to Paris, as she braves dungeons, revolutionaries, ballerinas, and numerous suitors, all in the name of freedom!

Cat Royal is one of those characters that you can’t help but root for and want to win. She’s so strong-willed and determined and quick-thinking as well as being extremely loyal and stubborn. Through this series, you form an extremely strong emotional attachment to her character because of all the things that she goes through in the course of the books. Another character I love is Johnny (I’m borderline obsessed with the man) because he’s just so charming and dedicated and dashing. I also love the character of Frank and, out of everyone, I think he undergoes the most development throughout the course of this book. His world is blown wide open and he experiences things that he’s never even thought about before. I also do love the character of Elizabeth but I also wish that she was given a little more development a chance to see other aspects of her personality as well as some humour.

You guys know that I am an avid fan of historical fiction novels and another thing that I love about this series, and especially this book, is that so much effort is put into making it as historically accurate as possible. The world building is extremely detailed and the writing is so vivid that you can really imagine yourself there and can be completely swept away in the story. I also love that there are some real life figures in this book – and on this reading I had been obsessed with Hamilton for long enough that I could appreciate the Lafayette reference. The pace of this book is incredibly fast but that doesn’t mean there is no tension or suspense in this books because there is. New characters are being introduced all the time as well as new things being discovered so there’s really never a dull moment, even if the scene as a poignant and emotional one.

These books really remind me why I love historical fiction so much and I can remember why this book sticks into my mind as my favourite. I’d give this book a 5 out of 5 stars because it’s so fun and witty and enjoyable and I can’t wait to read the other 3 books in this series.


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