A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens | Mini Classic Review


With Christmas quickly approaching, I figured I should do a review of this book before the festive period passes for another year. This was a book that I was required to read for school and while I knew the basic storyline – The Muppets Christmas Carol is one of my favourite ever films – I had never read the original book and this was one required reading choice that I was actually quite looking forward to. And, as I predicted, I actually really, really enjoyed this book. I understand that some people have a problem with Dickens and the fact that he can never get straight to the point but I really enjoyed the long descriptions because I think that they added to the feel and warm atmosphere of the book. I really loved the message conveyed in this book and I think it’s a fantastic book to read around Christmas.

Ebenezer Scrooge is a mean, miserable, bitter old man with no friends. One cold Christmas Eve, three ghosts take him on a scary journey to show him the error of his nasty ways. By visiting his past, present and future, Scrooge learns to love Christmas and the people all around him.

As per usual, I think studying this book in a academic setting really made me enjoy it more because I could identify all of the deeper meaning behind every page and I could appreciate all of Dickens’ thinking. The characters in this book are all really defined and engaging and while there actually were quite a few female characters in this book with very strong personalities, I would have liked to have seen a few more. I really liked the sarcastic and witty tone of the narrator because it added an extra layer to the book as well as some humour.

This book was really enjoyable and reminded me of all the reasons why I love Christmas and some tips on how to be a better human. I’m giving it a 4.5 out of 5 stars because I really loved the characters and the message and the subtle humour and I would really recommend it.


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